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Walsh & Associates Offers Building and Zoning Services in Toronto and Across the GTA

Proper Zoning

If you have vacant land or want to develop land with existing structures, it is important that your property is zoned for your intended use.

Our Expertise

Our lawyers can assist in enquiring and advising you on the building and zoning status of your land.

Note to users : The PLTT Calculator is for general illustrative purposes only. The amount it projects is based upon the PLTT rates as of January 1, 2017 and the NRST rate as of April 21, 2017. The PLTT calculator does not take into account the single family residence apportionment or any of the rebates or exemptions you may be eligible for. Walsh & Associates, Barristers & Solicitors cannot guarantee the results. Walsh & Associates, Barristers & Solicitors shall not have any liability for the accuracy of the information contained on this page.